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Cie Spideka and Catherine Langlade propose diverse approaches educational around the shows and the installations.

Centred mainly around the movement and around the image they divide up by:
- Studios / raising awarenesses
- Conferences

Multimedia workshops:

- Initiation into the software of captation, integration and analysis of the movement around the software Eyes Web and Isadora, in connection with the history of the contemporary dance. In the form of conference or in the form of computing workshops.

- Initiation into the computer graphics with Photoshop in the form of workshops of several hours on the theme of the revisited body. (env 10h).

- Initiation into the real time movement embellishes with images applied to the stage with the software ISADORA. (Between 10 am and 8 pm)

Workshops discovery :

Décriptage of the work on the site of the installation by:
- The discovery of the development of a gestural vocabulary in connection with the system.
- The discovery of the cognitive development in a multimedia environment cuts real.
- Analysis from physical experiments
They are targeted according to the public concerned of primary school at the university (Duration from 1 am till 3 h env.).

Open meetings:

- « White card» to other artists in the installation …

Dance-multimedia Workshop for amateurs on a WE or one week (10h x2):

Multidisciplinary workshop dance-multimedia on a WE with a group embellishes with images and a group dancers.
We shall explore various axes of expression of the body and its movement by the image. Catherine Langlade (Choreographer) and Fulvia Nicolini shall frame(plastic and infographer) the workshop.
The training course addresses every person already having a practice amateur with its body (dance or other one) and amateurs of video or multimedia (approached software: software Isadora of real-time and deferred effects)