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The jump under all its forms, seems to be the subject of preference of the immediate, as if the unpredictable of attitudes, the sudden emotion, unexpected smiling showed through clearly only in this carefree or tragic demonstration(appearance) in the postage of the weightlessness.
It is in reference to the photographer Philip Halsman, the reporter and the portrait painter of the 50s that I am inspired for this project to make jump people. In the prospect(perspective) that we have all a part of dance in us, I continue by this new installation to invite everyone to experiment the gesture(movement) and to concern certain look this one.
In the jump, the individual does not control any more his natural gestique and releases then his real personality in the expression of the face, the form of the body.

The project
Proposal of a series of workshops and meetings with groups of persons ending in the realisation of an artistic product. A work around the appropriation of a place chosen through a movement, the jump, and its photographic image. The jump will combine the various groups of concerned persons. It will consist of a reflection on the pure movement of the jump, a personal and symbolic appropriation by a compilation of images resulting from the meeting of our inhabitants and groups of people.

The device consists of a projection screen and a webcam analyzing the movement of the persons entering the device ; From the principle of flexion of the body we shall activate new jumps .

The team :
Artistic direction: Catherine Langlade-Cie SPIDEKA
Photo studios and video: Catherine Langlade
Technical manager: Luc Lauga
Computer Programmer: Sylvie Tissot - The CUBE