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During a tour of a show of the Company, I was requested to propose to the public an active participation. I had thus settled a camera on the edge of the stage with a video-projector and invited the public to enter the field of captation and to react to what he discovered;Their image sent back with an effect of track inspired by the works of Etienne Jules Marey.
At first shy and the same a little bit reluctant the spectator was pulled by the vision of his transposed movements, and entered a surprising and more and more rich and meaning corporeality. This is when appeared to me the potential of a relation danced between a man and a machine and this is when with conviction, I put the bases of the project " Viens Danser ": an invitation in the dance through a choréo-graphic work.
The approach bases on the theories of the dance put by Rudolf Laban and Alwin Nikolaïs. The kinesphère, the imaginary sphere defined by Laban, in the center of whom the dancer evolves contributed to make burst the frontal space of the ballet dance. The Learning of the movement, the permanent round trip in - out of the kinesphère develops the grammar.
Every person entering the device appropriates a field of outside data to restore its internal expression. We are not any more in the projection or the representation of a model but in the creation of an open field of expressions.br/>
Artistic direction : Catherine LANGLADE
Digital Graphics : Romain PETIT
Sound composition : Alain MICHON
Computer Programming, Development : Didier BOUCHON-Atelier LE CUBE
Coproduction :

Cie SPIDEKA supported by the General Council of the Essonne, Workshop(Studio) of Art 3000-LE CUBE - center of digital creation Big Paris - the Seine the West, with the support of the Cultural center St Exupéry ( Reims ), the Theater Gérard de Champigny-sur-the Marne ( 94 ) and DICREAM.